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Welcome to our property news blog. We aim to bring you relevant property news, updates, compliance matters and much more, concerning the Northern Ireland property market.

  • 5 Things To Know About Tenancy Deposits

    The Tenancy Deposit Scheme was introduced in Northern Ireland on 1stApril 2013. All tenant deposits taken for new tenancies commencing from this date had to be registered with a government approved NI Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Since then, there have been many landlords and some agents who have bee...

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  • New Northern Ireland HMO Regulations 2019

    Is this a form of Landlord Cleansing? Will this lead to Landlords selling up? Are all of the HMO regulations necessary? Ultimately, could the strict new HMO regulations negatively impact on the already under-supplied rental market in Northern Ireland? These are just a few of the questions bei...

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  • A Landlord’s Story

    Recently we were contacted by a landlord in need of help. The tenants he found via Gumtree had sublet his 2 bed terrace house and he had not been paid the due rent. After some research we were able to establish this was not the first time these tenants had sublet properties illegally. Campbell ...

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  • Happy New Year

    As we look towards 2020, I wonder what changes we might see in the NI property market. Property availability will certainly have a major bearing in jump starting the new year. The last quarter of 2018 will be remembered for low levels of property stock coming to the market, both for sale and t...

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  • Is it Time To Buy?

    Traditionally November and December have been quiet months for property sales and lettings, as agents report transactions being down when compared to almost any other time of year.Could it be then that this could be a good time to buy a property? Let s unpack this question a little further. It i...

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